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A+ Formula Inspector is a utility to help analyze and audit Microsoft Excel formulas. It quickly locates cells that are referenced in a formula and easily navigates to those cells.

Why use A+ Formula Inspector?

  • Save time when reviewing/auditing formulas
  • Reduce frustration when figuring out what a formula does
  • Find errors in formulas faster (see video)
  • Quickly locate cells used in a formula (see video)
  • Easily navigate to cells used in a formula (see video)
  • View values of cells right in the formula (see video)
  • Learn formulas faster
  • Quickly understand formulas that others create

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Errors are very common in spreadsheets. So, it is important to review formulas for accuracy and mistakes.  Reviewing formulas requires looking for the cells that are referenced in the formula. This can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process.

Formula Inspector significantly reduces the time and frustration of reviewing a formula by making it easy to find and navigate to those cells referenced in the formula.  Because of this, Formula Inspector will simplify the process of finding errors in your spreadsheets.

Formula Inspector will quickly save enough money through time savings and formula error detection to pay for itself.

Recommended for:

Anyone who uses formulas in Microsoft Excel.


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Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007
Windows operating system